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Kab Talak Behta Rahega Begunahon Ka Lahu ??

The incident which took place in Mardan has created a wave of fear among all of us. How social media is being misused to create hatred, disparity, enmity among people is actually very devastating. Today, you might not know when and where someone is using the details shown in your social media account to exploit you or share harmful and blasphemous content with your name.

On a very serious note, the youth, today, needs to be very cautious and careful as to what they are sharing on the social media and with what audience. They need to know who their friends are on social media platforms. It is high time that we realize that we can’t add every other person we do not know onto our social media account… Because this is the time where you can’t even trust your best friends…

One must also avoid talking on controversial issues on social media. Because from here starts the journey of this social media enmity which may lead to any result.

One thing that caught my mind into shock, confusion and unbelievability was the university’s name behind all the issue. How the university scandalized everything against a student who was actually speaking for the rights of people and students. This has also shown the corrupt faces of our institutions, that how far they may go to shut anyone down who stands against their corrupt intentions. I wonder when all this mafia rule is going to end in Pakistan. I wonder when everybody will start keeping to themselves. I wonder when the freedom of speech will actually be implemented in Pakistan. I wonder when Pakistanis will stop taking law in their hands. I wonder why the life is so unimportant in Pakistan that anyone who is unacceptable or if there’s a clash between the opinions or thoughts of two people, either of them has to die even if he is not guilty… Once he’s dead everyone will start mourning… Like seriously?? Do these politicians really think their 1 line statement can just make everything perfect and fill the loss of the families who have lost their only and solely son? When will our goverment actually take action to stop more incidents of such kind??

                                        Kab talak behta rahega begunahon ka lahu,,

Kis qadr bekhof hai yeh aalam-e-be-kaaf-o-ku..!!!


Aaahh..!!! What a heart-drenching incident it is. May MASHAL KHAN’s Soul REST IN PEACE.. May all of us stay safe from the evil eyes. (Ameeen)

If I were made the Prime Minister of Pakistan…


If I were made the Prime Minister of Pakistan, so… Well, being the Prime minister of any other country of the world is something else and being the prime minister of Pakistan is something else. Being the Pakistani Prime Minister is both a dream and a nightmare; dream in a sense that obviously every patriotic Pakistani would want to end everything wrong going on in the state, and the only way to end it is the authority in hand. People say that if you want to bring change around you, bring change within yourself. Yes, this is true for some extent but you cannot say that you can put a full stop on corruption at all the levels and all the grounds by just changing yourself. There needs to be a strategy, a planning, a government, a constitution, a law that brings all the public and leadership at the same point. I mean everyone should follow that particular strategy, that particular law.. And its also a nightmare in a sense that, as we know that Pakistan is in its worse state, and bringing change and revolution in such a country is no child’s play…

It needs a lot of effort, a lot of hard work, a lot of unity, a lot of faith, a lot of passion, a lot of struggle and the support of the public.

The people of Pakistan are so much addicted to dictatorship that they always want someone to dictate them.

I personally feel it’s the approach to life, lack of inherited self-belief, laziness and the unimaginable defeat to destiny. People of Pakistan have always been the spectators, not the players. Throughout the history, they were ruled upon, dictated, enslaved or oppressed, and when oppressed, they waited for a savior to stand them up because they were so used to the dictation…

Think? I feel this is why! Pakistanis’ still await a JINNAH to lead them to prosperity.

 Well, coming back to the point, that if I am made the Prime Minister of Pakistan so, first of all as we all know that the time span for the PM is 5 years, so for bringing maximum change these 5 years are a very short piece of time so I would not waste time in delivering speeches at different places rather I would start my work from the first minute.

The first thing I would do is open up all the pending cases in the courts as well as would I ask all the parliamentarians to declare their assets, the one found guilty would be kicked out of the Parliament. No parliamentarian shall be allowed to have a dual nationality. NAB shall be made clear of all the bargainers and criminals and shall be made pure so that all the investigations are made unbiasedly. Then all the leaders having corruption cases shall be given punishments and shall be made incompetent for sitting in the Parliament throughout their lives. All the criminals that have been announced to hang but have yet not been hanged shall be hanged. The law shall be made strict, the one disobeying the law shall be given the punishment as soon as possible, either at public level or at the government level and a president shall be set for everyone so that no one shall try to omit crime.

The 2nd most important thing is the education system, it shall be improved, particularly the public sector schools and colleges shall be improved and provided with good and competitive staff. The syllabi of all the subjects shall be revised and updated. The foreign education system shall be ended i.e. Cambridge and edexcel system and the only education system run throughout the country would be the Pakistani education system so that all the nation gets equal level of education. Education shall be made free and compulsory till matriculation throughout the country. The budget shall also be changed and made compatible for the poor. The taxation system particularly shall be made strict; everyone shall have to pay taxes but according to his/her means and ability. The elite class shall be the one paying the maximum taxes. Different committees shall be formed that shall keep an eye on different institutions and their performances. The aids from the US shall be ended at the very first moment and we shall bring our economy up gradually by our own selves. Though it would be a very slow process and would give loss to the country but aid from US is damaging the country a lot more than the former, and US shall be told not to interfere in our country’s issues and that we shall handle our issues in own way. The ties with friendly and actually loyal countries such as China, Iran etc shall be made stronger.  Employment shall be given strongly on merit bases. And a committee shall be checking all the institutions in this regard. Then the business sector shall also be kept under the eyes of the law. No company shall be allowed to earn abnormal profits in the country. The shops and markets shall be visited by the committees occasionally for checking the price rates.

Women’s rights shall be secured. Women trafficking, child abuse, child labour shall all be brought to its minimum by giving hard punishments to the guilties. Health issues shall also be made better. The hospitals shall be improved by new machinery and guaranteed clean and healthy food and medicines. The hotels and food brands shall be checked and assured of providing hygienic and healthy food.

All this shall only be possible if the law shall be made strong. Anyone guilty for omitting a crime of any kind shall be given severe punishment and would be made as a president for others. Only then can we prosper and bring change in our society. So, if I became the prime minister of Pakistan, I would definitely make law the strongest and the strictest. And I would consider myself as well under the law.